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Do you need a cloud hosting solution to take things to the next level? Sharing anonymous resources in a public cloud can be taxing on your time, energy, and budget. A private cloud solution means servers dedicated exclusively for your use.

The private cloud server is a refuge from utility and public cloud solutions. With Central Host you have your own server space, bandwidth, and storage resources. A virtualization layer runs on top of your dedicated servers, allowing you to create virtual machines and manage multiple virtual environments within your group of physical servers.

Certainty. Public cloud server infrastructure is multi-tenant. In these environments, your available computational resources may be constrained as other customers compete for available resources. In a Private Cloud your resources are dedicated only to you.

Scalability. You can instantly allocate additional virtual machines to address new application requirements.

Flexibility. With private cloud services you don't have to deal with the "canned" features of public clouds that may not fit your use cases.

Central Host Private Cloud servers provide Xen or KVM based virtual machines running on an isolated host infrastructure. This is an excellent alternative to a utility cloud service such as Amazon EC2. Central Host Private Cloud solutions allow customers to take advantage of high performance storage for relational databases and PCI-compliant network infrastructure while gaining the flexibility of industry-leading virtualization solutions.

All of Central Host's private cloud server offerings can be coupled with dedicated firewalls or load balancers. Standard features of private cloud solutions include:

•  Software interface for managing the virtual environment

•  Multiple dedicated servers running Xen or KVM hypervisors

•  Multiple Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces attaching hypervisors to Internet transit, storage services, and private networks

•  DNS services

•  24/7/365 monitoring

•  Email/phone technical support

•  Purpose-built custom interface for management

•  Instant provisioning of servers. Build a new server in a couple of minutes. Upgrade an existing one in seconds.

•  Ability to create snapshots of your severs and use them to restore, rebuild, or clone instances. Use the snapshots as custom server templates or download them as creating DNS records, adding zones & more.

•  APIs for automating common infrastructure administration tasks

•  Flexible monitoring tools that put you in control. View the dashboard to monitor system health. Set up email alerts. Our tools can monitor servers, websites and just about anything reachable over the Internet.

We can migrate server instances from other utility cloud services directly to your Central Host Private Cloud. The instance importation process requires no configuration changes other than modifying the initial RAM disk, kernel and network interface.

Ask us how your utility cloud instances can be moved directly to a cost competitive private cloud solution. Please note that only Linux (kernel 2.6+) based utility cloud instances are compatible with our import services.







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