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Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Powerful state-of-the-art servers to run your business

It's a love/hate thing. You love having powerful state-of-the-art servers to run your business. But you have better things to do than deal with server monitoring, storage capacity issues, memory upgrades, OS patches, and backups. The solution? Central Host’s managed server hosting.

Operating Systems

We offer a range of operating systems and hypervisors:

•  Microsoft: Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server: Standard and Enterprise Editions

•  Linux: Redhat Enterprise, Centos, Debian, and Ubuntu

•  Hypervisors: Citrix Xen Server and VMWare ESX

•  Pre-configured server stacks include: Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, MySQL Database Cluster, Varnish Caching HTTP Proxy, Apache / PHP Application Server, NGINX / PHP Application Server and NGINX / Ruby Application Server

Server Hardware Configurations

Choose the hardware that meets your needs:

•  Single Intel dual-core or quad-core CPU; dual Intel quad-core
or hexcore CPUs

•  2GB to 64GB memory configurations

•  2 to 24 drive rotational and solid-state disk configurations

•  RAID storage available in standard RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5,
RAID-10 or RAID-Z configurations

System Management Services

• 24 x 7 system monitoring: ping, SSH, RAID controller status and
CPU/memory/disk utilization.

•  Graphs for all network interfaces and CPU/Memory/Disk utilization

•  NMS Dashboard providing real-time status of all resource monitoring

Firewall and Load Balancer Options:

These devices can be attached to your hosting infrastructure down the road
in a zero-downtime fashion if not deployed with the initial order.

Security Solutions

•  Cisco ASA Series or Juniper SSG Firewall security products

•  Client and LAN-to-LAN VPN Integration Services

•  RSA two-factor authentication Network anti-virus and anti-spam solutions Award-winning Black Lotus DDoS protection

Load Balancer Solutions

•  Citrix Netscaler (supporting GSLB)

•  Foundry ServerIron

•  Varnish (Open Source)

Managed dedicated servers, firewalls and load balancers all share the same support SLA, remote management features and data center locations.





•  Extensive system monitoring

•  RAID storage

•  Isolated network segments on private VLANs

•  Remote device management capabilities

Support SLA

•  1-hour response time to general help-desk requests during of normal business hours

•  20-minute response time to network down emergencies and priority requests 24/7/365

Remote Management Services

•  Remote Serial Console Access for out-of-band administrative
server access

•  Remote Reboot Control via APC Master Switch Control Panel

•  Remote OS Re-installation via Managed PXE boot server



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