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Why Choose Central Host?

From white glove managed hosting to powerful self-service cloud hosting solutions and professional management services, Central Host has you covered.

Expert Team

Our hosting team has over ten years of experience managing IT infrastructures for Fortune 50 financial institutions and designing high availability solutions from technology providers such as Sun, EMC, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Competitive Pricing

Central Host provides a high level of service at a low price by using modern content switching architecture, open source infrastructure, and smart business planning.

Consultative Approach

Let us recommend the personalized combination of equipment and services will best meet your needs.

Committed Support

15-minute response time to critical issues 24/7/365

Multiple Facilities

Central Host operates managed servers at data center locations in two major metropolitan areas: Santa Clara, CA and Ashburn, VA. Geographically diverse hosting solutions can be provided across multiple data centers to keep your site up in the event of a large-scale failure.

Performance-Optimized Network

At each facility we utilize multiple Internet transit provider s including the following Tier 1 carriers:

•  Level(3)

•  NTT

•  GTT

Our network has a performance-optimized blend of over 300,000 routes of paid transit. We examine reachability to Internet service providers across the globe and bias our routing to send traffic through the best available path. This results in a network infrastructure that provides low latency and high speed content downloads to broadband users worldwide.

Reliable Power

All of our equipment is attached to large-scale uninterruptible power sources to maintain system availability during a power disaster. Automatic transfer switches gracefully move loads from grid power to diesel generators keeping our network and servers online during power failures. At all times, power is fed through a battery-based UPS system to ensure continuity during a transfer event, transient filtering, and surge suppression.

Plan Flexibility

You can add dedicated network infrastructure components to any of our hosting solutions whenever you choose. To our managed hosting dedicated server packages you can add firewalls, load balancers, or additional storage and bandwidth as your business needs develop without a long enterprise sales cycle. Dedicated network infrastructure components can be added to your account in zero downtime fashion and can be integrated into existing live infrastructure using careful migration techniques.

Out-of-Band Server Management

All of our managed dedicated servers are attached to a management network allowing access to the device in the event it becomes unreachable from the Internet. These systems facilities are exposed to our customers via our billing portal. These out-of-band services include:

•  Remote Serial Console Access for out-of-band administrative
server access

•  Remote Reboot Control via APC Master Switch Control Panel

•  IPMI based Serial-Over-LAN and KVM/IP services

System Management

Our team of experienced systems administrators is well versed in both Linux & Windows. Basic monitoring services include:

•  24/7/365 Monitoring including ping and SSH reachability; RAID controller status; disk, CPU and memory resource utilization

•  System Performance Graphs for all network interfaces and CPU/Memory/Disk utilization

Industry-Leading Service and Support SLA

Our standard support service level agreement (SLA) provides customers with the following:

•  1-hour guaranteed response time to help-desk requests outside of normal business hours

•  15-minute response time to network down emergencies and priority requests 24/7/365



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