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IP Services

Features and Benefits

•  IPv4 and v6 availability

•  Ubiquitous connectivity

•  Ability to burst to full port speed Dynamic or static
   routing options Flexible term and bandwidth commits

•  5 Business day installation for IP Transit


Performance, Pure and Simple

The simplest solutions are usually the most elegant. There is no substitute for reliability or performance. No substitute for 100% network availability. To meet those requirements Layer42’s IP Transit was specifically designed to deliver maximum performance and unsurpassed reliability without the complexities and constraints of legacy network offerings.


The Layer42 IP Backbone peers with multiple Tier 1 providers in multiple markets to provide robust and reliable transport for your internet traffic. An all Cisco IP network means compatibility with our customer’s equipment and ensures long-term support for future network enhancements.



Layer42 Nation-Wide IP Backbone

Circuit Options

•  Port Speeds at 1Gbps and 10Gbps

•  VLAN Transparency

•  Service Multiplexing

•  IP Transit Add-on

•  850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm hand-off






IP Service Options

IP Transit Service

IP services delivered at the data center with direct connections to the Layer42 core router network.


Direct Internet Access

Layer42 Bundles IP Bandwidth and Local Loop Access to delivery high-speed internet connectivity to your office location.