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Dedicated Servers
The Central Host Advantage

Customers, depend on our hosting services to support customer-facing applications everyday.  From startups to ecommerce firms, to established marquee news and entertainment websites, Central Host can provide you a hosting infrastructure that scales to meet the demands of your business.
In addition, Central Host has
over 15 years experience delivering cloud-based hosting and security solutions.

Whether you’re a startup looking for a single cabinet or a global enterprise in need of a private suite multi-gigabit connection, Central Host has a solution for you.

Customize our suite of servers to provide flexibility and growth for your business and harness the capabilities of Black Lotus’ award-winning DDoS cyber attack prevention. No other hosting service provides Central Host’s blend of flexibility, support, and security.

We’re here to serve you and your business 24/7/365
— Dedication Beyond Servers.


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